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From the links below, you'll get mainly to Control Line related stuff.  For a complete and exhaustive explanation of what C/L models are, go and spend some time at Goran Olsson's website: this is THE reference for all C/L flying and building activities.
Propeller Molds - The making of
My own way: after the precious article of Bill Lee (who agrees)
My own Model Engine Collection
Some engines of my personal collection    updated
Bruno's Model Engines
Bruno's vintage, special and rare engines: Lots of stuff, and growing...   new version
Making a propeller  (coming soon)
Meanwhile have a look at the French site of CMBL : World Champions deserve a visit!
Home and Field Activities
How we produce sawdust, metal chips, gadgets, rubbish and general brainwaving 
MTR Catalog
Useful items that we manufacture and sell, for anyone who wants them  - very few left!!
RC Trucks 1/18  (Slightly Off-Topic)  Italian Only: just a short story for old friends
QUAD/ATV   (Really Off-Topic)  Nothing to do with C/L  - Italian Only, for the moment
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